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I hope you all are enjoying your summer; being happy & staying healthy!

Hopefully, you've had had a chance to spend time together, resting, relaxing & vacationing!


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 It's about that time to start thinking about BACK TO SCHOOL with a little over a month left...



Little Angels Preschool


Supply List



                                                                    * FULL SIZE BACKPACK

                                                                    * LUNCHBOX

                                                                    * 2 PLASTIC FOLDERS (daily communication )

                                                                    * PLASTIC CONTAINER / BUCKET with DRAWER  (12'x 18' or smaller)

                                                                              ~~ FOR BEDDING & EXTRA CLOTHES

                                                                    * COMPLETE EXTRA SET OF CLOTHES (seasonally appropriate)

                                                                    * SMALL BLANKET / SMALL PILLOW or "NAP MAT SET" fits perfectly

                                                                    * SMALL STUFFED ANIMAL (that can be left at school)


                                                                    * 1 BOX OF TISSUES

                                                                    * 1 PACKAGE OF BABY WIPES

                                                                    * 1 CONTAINER OR PACKAGE OF CLOROX WIPES

                                                                    * 1 ROLL OF PAPER TOWELS

                                                                                                            * 1 BOTTLE OF SANITIZER

                                                                    * 1 PACKAGE OF STRAWS ( children's last name A - H )

                                                                    * 1 BOX OF ZIP LOCK BAGGIES (Gallon Size) (children's last name I - Z)



                                                                                                               * LABELED PENCIL BOX (containing the following, we will replenish as needed) 

                                                                                   ~~ 1 Box of Crayons

                                                                                   ~~ 1 Package of Markers

                                                                                   ~~ 1 Small Child Sized Pair of Scissors




Enjoy the rest of your summer!

Mrs. Toohey & Miss. Chris


If you have any questions, comments or concerns throughout the year, please feel free to see me directly at drop off or email me at amy.toohey@ourladyoftheangels.us




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